A Run Down of the Eviction Process and How Property Mangers Handle Them

A Run Down of the Eviction Process and How Property Mangers Handle Them

Did you know that around 3% of Americans could be facing evictions soon? Due to current conditions, many landlords and tenants will need to go through this. Evictions can turn into a big headache and cause stress and legal challenges for tenants, landlords, and property managers if not done right. 

Evictions aren't always easy, but sometimes, they're necessary. If you've been worrying about it, now is the perfect time to learn more and empower yourself. Here's how your property management company should handle the tenant eviction process.

Eviction Moratorium

Before you start, it's important to know that Oklahoma City has been following the CDC eviction moratorium. There have been extensions, so check first to see what is in place before you begin the eviction process. Even with the moratorium, tenants can still be evicted for criminal activity and other lease violations. 

Eviction Process Justification

Before you start the process, be sure that you're justified in evicting your tenants. You must have legal reasons like unpaid or late rent, causing damage to the rental property, having unauthorized pets or animals, doing illegal activities on the property, or other lease violations. 

Tenant Notification

The next step in the process is to notify the tenants. If the reason for eviction is unpaid rent or other lease violations, you should include a 5 Day Notice to Quit for Oklahoma. By placing it on the door or delivering it directly to the tenants, it starts the eviction process timeline. 

File for Eviction

If there is no response or correction from the tenant after five days, you can file the eviction with your local county clerk's office. You will then be assigned a court date. 

Court Case

Before you go to court, you might want to hire a lawyer to assist you. They can help collect evidence as to why the tenant should be evicted. Then the case will be tried and ruled upon. 

Conclusion of Eviction

If the case is in your favor, you will pay a deputy sheriff to meet you at the property so that you can change the locks. If the tenants have still not vacated the premises by then, you might have to take it to the State Supreme court. In conclusion, you can see why having a professional property management company with experience by your side during this process is very important. 

Need Help With Evictions?

If you were wondering, what is the eviction process? Now you know and will have a better understanding of your rights and what you need to do. Your property management company can help you service the eviction notice and help follow proper procedures. 

If you want professional help from a property management company, now is a good time to reach out to HomeRiver Group in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We've been supporting serious real estate investors with over 13,000 properties. Contact us today to set up a consultation and learn more about our property management services! 

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